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Fun Spring Ideas To Boost Curb Appeal

It is finally spring, aka project season!

There are numerous fun and easy ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Simple upgrades can combine to create a polished look you’ll be proud of. Boosting curb appeal is especially important if you’re selling your home. From landscaping to cosmetic enhancements, here are some projects to try that are not only easy, but you will enjoy doing!

Paint The Front Door

Give your entryway a pop of color by painting your front door to stand out while still playing nice with the rest of your house’s hues!

Add Window Shutters

If your home lacks shutters, installing them will jazz up the exterior with symmetry and flair.

Update Your House Numbers Display

House numbers are easy to make or replace, but make all the difference. A great way to make a big impact is to match the new numbers with the finish of your exterior light fixtures.

Update Existing Light Fixtures

Lighting has a significant effect on your home’s curb appeal. Make a statement on your porch with large lighting fixtures, and add accent lighting to your greenery to create a cozy, yet elegant atmosphere.

Make an Inviting Seating Area

Look at this step as “dressing up your porch”. Add the cozy feel of a living room with rugs, throw pillows, and end tables. Some color, texture, and print will perfectly brighten the porch for spring.

These are just a few things to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, and will make all the difference. So get out some tools, go shopping, and most importantly..keep it fun!
















How To Hang Art At The Proper Height

No matter how beautiful a piece of art, if it is the wrong scale or placement, it can look off. Here are a few tips to help you choose the
correct sized pieces and hang them properly.


  • If you are placing on an open wall space, here’s your formula:    [wall width] x 0.57 = [ideal width of artwork]. When in doubt, always go larger.
  • If you are placing above a couch, table or bed, choose a piece that is between 1/2 to 3/4 the width of the furnishing.  For example, for an 86″ sofa, choose an artwork that is between 43 and 65 inches wide.
  • When hanging on a blank wall, the middle of the artwork should hang about 57 inches from the floor (or at eye level for most people). If it is hanging above a sofa or other furnishing, make sure there is at least 6-12 inches between the top of the sofa and the bottom of the piece of art.
  • If you have low ceilings (below 8 feet), break your wall into 4 sections (from the bottom up) and hang it in the third section.
  • If you are hanging multiple pieces of different heights, make sure the middles line up.
  • When hanging artwork above your stairs, hang a piece every third step to get a diagonal look.
  • Think about your room, if it is already cluttered or busy, opt for larger pieces to not overwhelm the room
Purchasing new lighting to go with your new art?  Check out these tips before you install:  How Low to Hang A Chandelier
Thank you to Wayfair for breaking down these numbers for us!

How Low Do You Hang a Chandelier?

Whether you are sprucing up your home for sale or for yourself, lighting is like jewelry for a room and can be transformative.


It’s time for another episode of TMC Design School!  This time, we are talking about the proper height to hang lighting.


Switching outdated or builder-grade fixtures for a statement piece will make your heart sing and will elevate your home in an instant!


You can go all-out luxury or find plenty of budget options that are just as lovely but gentler on your pocketbook. And if you are thinking of your home’s re-sale value, updated lighting is sure to catch buyers’ attention and make your home feel custom. Most buyers in Richmond and Midlothian love an updated lighting look that is classic, but not too contemporary. Stick with something that is on-trend and elegant or modern to appeal to the widest number of buyers.


Browse Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz to find your inspiration, and then hit the online stores to price compare. When it’s time to install, follow the guidelines in this video. You’ll learn how to hang bedroom, kitchen island, and hallway or open space fixtures!